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About Us

Ignited Arts is a Saint Louis performance troupe that specializes in Fire and Light (LED) entertainment. Our diverse group of performers are highly trained with years of experience in their arts. We will be sure to heat up any event! 

Fire Fans Mayor's Ball Saint Louis Ignited Arts

Ignited Arts is based on fire, so we always recommend a fire performance to any booking. Our group is well versed in the requirements for gathering fire permits and maintaining a safe environment to provide the greatest experience possible.

Our versatile group of performers brings a large variety of fire arts and entertainment. Ignited Arts' flexibility, creativity, and the ability to utilize our performance networks provides an extremely affordable experience for all. We will work with you to find the best option that fits your budget.

Mayor's Ball - Soulard, Saint Louis


When fire is too hot, space is limited, or you want to provide some ambience to your event, we recommend our LED performances. Our performers can change their props to match your business's branding and some of our props can even display your logo!


We strive to provide a unique experience for every opportunity.  Our large network of performers allows us to find the best option for you at the most competitive price possible. 

Handlebar Tyedye Night - Tower Grove, Saint Louis


We love to entertain. We can provide costuming, makeup, and daytime performances without led or fire. Our group can accommodate most requests, reach out to us to find out which option would be best for your event!

Ignited Arts is a professional flow-arts entertainment group that specializes in fire and light performances. Our group is composed of entertainers with years of experience in performing in many different environments. We seek to spread the wonder, excitement, and joy that our unique art brings by igniting the passion of those who watch. 

El Monstero - Hollywood Casino

Saint Louis

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